What is an Ed Slott Elite Advisor and why is it important to me?

The Ed Slott Elite Advisor designation is an exclusive group of financial advisors that specialize in retirement distribution planning. The advisors are dedicated to be leaders in the IRA industry. They are trained by Ed Slott, America’s IRA expert.

Ed Slott was called “The Best” source for IRA advice by The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Slott has created the nationally aired and #1 Public Television Fundraising Special “Stay Rich Forever & Ever with Ed Slott.” He is the author of The Retirement Savings Time Bomb…And How to Defuse It, Parlay Your IRA into a Family Fortune, and Your Complete Retirement Planning Road Map.

“I speak to more than 50,000 financial advisors a year,” commented Mr. Slott. “I can confidently say that The Elite IRA Advisor Group represents the top 1% of all financial advisors in the country.” Phil Putney is part of this elite group.

There are approximately 300,000 financial advisors in the United States, only 250 are in The Elite IRA Advisor Group.